Sabrina Scott

Responsibility: Teacher
Experience: 10+ Years
Qualifications:3 Masters Degrees, TEFL & TESOL qualified. 

About Me

CELA has allowed me to live my dream! I got into the education profession so I could experience the world and not be tied down to a specific location, while simultaneously interacting with people from all different cultures. CELA has given me the opportunity to educate kids and teenagers from across the world from the comfort of my home (wherever that may be at any given time). I enjoy teaching all ages through CELA because it is such a relaxed and comfortable environment to teach in. Sometimes I think I am talking to friends instead of students. I feel I often learn just as much from my students as they learn from me. I am amazed in every class at how eager and willing the students are to learn, since intrinsic motivation is a paramount pillar to success. I am truly grateful to CELA, all my students, and their parents for the opportunity to meet and educate their children in English!