How To Create A Website Using WordPress

Yes – you can always export or import content from your old blog to your new WordPress blog. In this case, you can check out the official WordPress guide toimport content from your old blog to the new one. But if you’re searching for a shortcut way to get rich by making money online, then we’re really sorry to say, there’s no such way. Here you’ll get a simple WordPress installation wizard.

How to create a WordPress website

You can save lots of space and bandwidth by properly compressing your images. Luckily, WordPress has a really great plugin that can help you with that. Read how to implement this WordPress image optimization plugin and optimize your WordPress images. For example, you upload a 500 x 500 dimension picture https://wizardsdev.com/ but your site resizes it to 100 x 100. As a result, the visitor’s browser will have to download the larger file first, scale it down and only then display it. The proper way would be to simply upload a 100 x 100 dimension picture so that the excessive task of scaling down the image would be avoided.

Step 6 2

Before proceeding with WordPress installation, you need to decide on how you want to access your website. Do you want WordPress on your domain name root (example.com), subfolder (example.com/blog) or subdomain name (blog.example.com)? Only if you want to set up WordPress on a subdomain name, you will have to take an additional step and create a subdomain name. On Hostinger this can be easily done in the Subdomains section.

We recommend you choose the Post name for a more SEO-friendly structure and ease when updating. The Discussion section is also where you can change your email notification preferences and other post settings. To moderate the comments your readers leave on your site, you’ll need to go to the Comments tab in the main menu. In there, you can filter them and mark them as spam. There, you can change what people need to do before they can comment on your site. For example, you can choose how many days after publishing a post people are able to leave comments.

How to create a WordPress website

You can choose any name you want—provided it is available and not registered by other companies. Normally you’d have to install WordPress next, but Hostinger has already done that for you. Familiarize yourself with how everything is set up and pick a theme for your website that suits your brand. Fortunately for you, creating a WordPress website is easy. I’ll teach you how to build a WordPress site in less than an hour.

2 Free Themes Vs Paid Themes

You’ll find amazing and horrible themes in both categories. It comes down to the effort of the coding team behind the theme, not the price tag. Code quality affects the speed of your website, which, along with the design, affects your users directly. Coming across a theme or a plugin with malicious intent is pretty rare.

  • You can consider installing plugins to boost the functionality of your website.
  • If this is what you need, Wix is your best option for creating your website.
  • Select one of the 100+ starter templates that you like.
  • When you’re first creating your website, you want to get a batch of pages live so your site feels real.
  • To do this, go to the Themes tab and click on the Add new button, and then press Upload Theme.
  • The image would also take up less space that way, resulting in an overall boost of speed.

The image would also take up less space that way, resulting in an overall boost of speed. To make things easier, we prepared a detailed guide on improving website performance with scaled images. As a result, the browser needs to request fewer files and information from the server which ultimately leads to quicker loading. For example, when you access a frequently visited site, your browser will have a portion of the site’s static content located in its cache.

In this WordPress tutorial, we have now learned how to install and use WordPress in order to create and manage your very own website. As your WordPress site grows, so does the amount of text, images, code and other media files. See a comprehensive tutorial on how to install WordPress themes. The above method is suitable for free and freemium themes only. What if you purchased a nice looking premium theme?

Importing A Website From Another Server

You’re not actually paying for the water or the well itself — you’re paying for the service of forming the well. Branding is, ultimately, the most important factor. A short and sweet domain name is great, but in the end, what you do with it is what counts. You can find all sorts of tips on choosing a domain name, but it almost always boils down to keeping it short and memorable. This is definitely good advice, but always have a brand strategy in mind as well.

She is a former Google Tech Entrepreneur and she holds an MSc in International Marketing from Edinburgh Napier University. Kathy Haan, MBA is a former financial advisor-turned-writer and business coach. For over a decade, she’s helped small business owners make money online. When she’s not trying out the latest tech or travel blogging with her family, you can find her curling up with a good novel. To add pages, select the page from the left-hand list.

Installing WordPress

By clicking the Publish button your post will go live. If you decide to delete the post, press the Move to Trash button. Secondly, enter the actual content of your post in the field below. If you want to format your text, use the toolbar options. It contains links to all administrative screens of WordPress. If you hover over a menu item, a submenu with additional items will be displayed.

Every website on the internet has a web host provider. And the best place to go for most people is Hostinger, a reliable and high-quality hosting service. Some of the biggest, and most well-known websites on the Internet are blogs.

Hostinger will take care of installing it for you. On the checkout screen that follows, make sure you select the four-year term to get the best monthly rate for this plan. For instance, if you plan on selling pizza, it would make sense to add pizza somewhere in the domain. Your domain name is your identity on the internet. It’s how your audience will find you and identify your brand.

Google has a pretty good roundup on the various TLDs you can choose from. Creating your first WordPress site is simple and can be done in 10 steps. Finally, once you’re done, click on the Update button to update the widgets. You have the option to make changes to the menu right from this screen. Click on the Menu tab from the list of customizable options.

Create A Website Design Your Future

The bulk of your website will be built using posts and pages. Posts are generally used for content that is updated frequently, such as blog articles. For content that does not change as frequently, such as an About Us or Contact link, it is better to use Pages.

Websites And Domains

It ties together with a backup service that takes care of everything automatically. You don’t even have to click “Back up”; the task runs on schedule, and you can restore everything with a single click. You might like a coat better if it was an inch longer or like your shoes more if they had a subtly different curve. The only way to get truly perfect clothes is to have them made specifically for you, which is extremely expensive. Whenever you change your nameservers, you will have to wait up to 72 hours for them to take effect.

Enter the database name, username and user password in the appropriate boxes. There’s always something to optimize, trends to keep up with, security issues to worry about. If you plan on being in business for years to come, prepare yourself. Your website will go down at some point for some unknown reason; the code and design will get old at some point; and you will find bugs with time. Plans start at $5 a month, which is a bargain if you rely on your website to make money. In addition to the backup service, the plugin also keeps tabs on your website’s security and visitor statistics.

You will be presented with an editing screen with an array of posting features. The first thing you should do is enter a title for your post. In contrast, pages are mainly for static, dateless content. Contact us or About pages are good examples of pages. Once you are comfortable with the dashboard, press the Dismiss button in order to hide this module. It contains links to the most commonly used administrative functions and resources.

Why Is WordPress So Popular?

So before you use any plugins, you need to make sure that the plugin has the following ability to facilitate your website. However, let’s check out this exclusive tutorial about creating the header for a WordPress site. How to create a WordPress website Well, here’s the frontend view of the demo website. Well, this is a demo design of the free template found in WordPress. Later on, you can customize & design your website to make it more appealing & beautiful.

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