Mastering Your WordPress Site Structure

The brand has a sleek looking website that’s easy to navigate. Another tip is to keep dates and numbers out of your URLs (even if it’s a listicle). This makes it easy for you to add more content without having your title and URL containing conflicting numbers.

website structure

Overall, a little planning, in the beginning, will help visitors successfully navigate and grow with your website. Octopus has something they call “low fidelity wireframes”. It’s a set of tiny little visual elements that you can add to each page, color code them, sort them, add comments to them. All that to make an easy-to-understand way of communicating what the end result could look like. A 301 redirect instructs search engines that a URL of the page has changed. Search engine crawlers will update their index accordingly.

One mistake many brands make is to focus their site design on the brand. Instead, your site design should showcase your brand and products. However, the experience your site offers must be tailored to users. Following these SaaS website best practices will help you do just that.

Unlike external links, Google will not punish you for using optimized anchor text for internal links. Now that you know why website design and site architecture are crucial elements, let’s briefly look at how to create the ideal navigation structure for SaaS websites. Trond Lyngbø is the founder of Search Planet and a senior SEO Consultant. He has over 20 years of experience in SEO, e-commerce, content strategy and digital analysis.

Create An Seo Friendly Permalink Structure

It can be smart to turn your website “upside down” and look at what to improve on those internal pages. Every well structured website has content organized by taxonomy, or common shared characteristics. Every business exists to serve a marketplace while working towards a purpose.

Then why would you even consider building a website without first finding a safe spot for it? Your market research, keyword analysis and domain strategy will direct you to the right niche. Information architecture and website/URL structure will become your secure foundation. Internal links from each level can be planned to maximize the delivery of ‘link juice’ to the most useful sections of your website. What isn’t so simple is choosing the appropriate concepts and terms that your target customers use and understand easily. Once your WordPress site structure has been created, it’s time to focus on making sure your content is dynamic and engaging.

  • One of the SaaS website best practices you must always implement is to place the prominent pages/categories where users can easily see them.
  • When laying out your website, it’s important to first understand the WordPress site elements you have at your disposal.
  • A sure fire way of doing that is providing a positive user experience by nailing your website structure.
  • I’m missing some way of indicating internal relations between pages .
  • Google has many times mentioned the need to have a breadcrumb menu on all your pages so that users can navigate the site easily.
  • All pages of your website have to accessible from the homepage in less than 3 clicks.

With the introduction of artificial intelligence in the Google ranking algorithm, voice search and mobile first index, the structure of a website has gained more importance than ever.

Create An Effective Saas Content Strategy In 7 Simpleish Steps

If on the other hand your site structure is flat, search engines can still index your pages but they won’t have enough clues as to how your pages are related. He’s been doing some version of digital marketing for the past seven years and has shifted his focus to all things SEO and inbound for the last five. Husband, mini Australian shepherd puppy dad, and serial entrepreneur . One of the SaaS website best practices you must always implement is to place the prominent pages/categories where users can easily see them. These navigation elements help the DocuSign website convert better, leading to many sales of the product.

The category has an optimized title, optimized meta description and a short introduction. Besides listing my latest SEO articles, I have created groupings of the most popular articles. The main purpose of a small business / corporate website is to provide more information about the business, it’s products, services and departments. These are just some of the words that can be used to describe Dropbox’s Homepage. Part of that reason is uncluttered primary navigation — just as the platform promises to help unclutter the users’ workspace.

A page that has no internal links will probably be ignored by Google so make sure that all your website pages have internal links pointing to them. Identify your most valuable pages and link to them from other related pages of your website. At any point in time, these should be the pages on your website that have the greater number of internal links.

website structure

That’s the primary reason why your website structure matters a lot. Strategic SEO leverages rich customer data – and helps you turn it into new profit centers. Strategic SEO is an investment – one that pays your business back several-fold. As a business owner, you know the value of your website per visitor.

Saas Website Best Practices To Impress Google And Delight Your Users

Website structures are something that you share with your client and broader team. It needs to be easy to understand by everyone, and the interface must be clean and straightforward. In theory, you can use any mind mapping tool to create a diagram for website structure. But many of these mind mapping tools are built for brainstorming and capturing ideas. I have been battling with how to categorize my posts on my own blog, and it’s been giving me headache for a while now. Here is an example of good and poor internal linking practices as explained in mySEO Tutorial.

Yes, Google will pick up your changes pretty fast but until they are fully processed, it may take a lot of time. When working on your SEO, you should always have in mind that SEO takes time to work. It may take weeks or months to see the outcome of the changes you are making to your site today. Once you are done making changes, login to your Google search console and submit your updated sitemap to Google. You can optionally request a ‘Fetch as Google’, to force Google to process your changes faster. If you already have a website that ranks in Google, one of the challenges you will face is how to change your site structure without losing your existing rankings.

All pages of your website have to accessible from the homepage in less than 3 clicks. Your website should have a hierarchical structure – The focal point is the homepage and then all other pages should be grouped into categories based on their type. Ideal Site Structure for a News WebsiteA news website such as an online magazine can group content into a number of categories based on the type of content and when it was published. Google knows when a user clicks on your listing from Google search, visits your page and then goes back to Google search without interacting with your website. Example of Sitelinks in Google Search ResultsYou cannot specify which parts of your website to be shown as sitelinks since these are automatically selected by the Google algorithm. Keywords are still important for rankings but equally important is topic relevancy and one of the ways to achieve this is through a good site structure.

Nailing your primary information will lead to users visiting other pages on your site. This results in increased brand recognition, engagement and, of course, a boost in conversions. User experience plays a huge role in how your website converts. A good SaaS website makes it easy for users to find what they’re looking for with minimum effort.

Designing your URL structure this way makes it easy for both search engines and users to tell what that page is about easily. It also makes it easier to crawl and index content for search engines. On the other hand, deep nested URLs often get crawled and, thus, are rarely indexed. Add structured https://globalcloudteam.com/ data to describe the breadcrumb menu to search engines. There is a special type of markup for breadcrumbs that gives search engines more information about your navigational structure. Google can use this information to enhance the appearance of your search listing on both desktop and mobile.

Provide Users With A Sitemap

You don’t know the visitor’s intent that underlies the search keyword. When visitors arrive at your website, the title tag also helps orient them to where they are on the site. Ideally, your content will be planned keeping in mind the broader context within which individual pages reside.

Site Structure And Seo

Organizing your website on a silo structure makes it easier than ever before to measure performance granularly. You’ll lose sales, risk your brand, and hurt your overall business objectives. So it pays to analyze every section of your website to identify those ‘long tail keywords’ that could be responsible for a large share of your revenue.

It may be difficult at the beginning but once you get it right, you don’t have to deal with it again. If you haven’t done an audit of your site structure yet, then this is a task to add at the top of your SEO checklist. Users should be able to reach any page of the site by following links of the homepage. It is also important to set your expectations correctly. By changing your site structure, it does not mean that your rankings will skyrocket.

How Costly Is Strategic Seo?

At a certain point, it becomes important to separate or organize these different types of products in an ordered fashion. The psychology behind SEO and website structure takes some more effort to nail. Off the shelf CMS tools like WordPress and Joomla have their own advantages depending upon how you will use them. Only after this analysis is complete can you take the next step, which is to plan the technology.

All of these components have a bearing upon your website design and structure. Enjoy secure, fast hosting optimized for your WordPress website with our WordPress Hosting plans. In SEO, we often work with website structures to find improvements in the current structure or design the ideal structure from scratch.

Mastering Your WordPress Site Structure

Add your categories in the menu of your website and homepage. Don’t try to hide your categories but make sure that your main categories are accessible from the main menu and linked to from the homepage. Ideal Site Structure for a BlogBesides the home page and the other pages like about us, contact us etc., blog posts should be grouped into categories according to relevancy.

The platform helps with the entire lifecycle from content creation to marketing to sales and payment processing. Now that you know why your SaaS website’s URL structure matters to the growth and success of your business, let’s briefly look at some examples to inspire yours. Nesting pages in the same category is an excellent way to streamline your URL structure.

With free online tools, you can create beautiful, branded content that will help retain your audience. Most common on blogs or eCommerce websites, a sidebar is an older website element that is mainly seen on inside pages. It allows you to provide additional search capabilities to your audience, giving them a secondary route to explore your content. If a category is too big because you have a lot of products or blog posts about that topic, try to break them into two or three categories. This structure can help both search engines and users find what they want either by visiting the category of interest or navigating through the content by date. A good site structure helps search engine crawlers read, index and understand your website faster and this improves your chances of ranking in search engines.

Gaining clarity on these core elements underlies every strategic SEO initiative. When laying out your website, it’s important to first understand the WordPress site elements you have at your disposal. Understanding the elements you can use to layout your site structure will help you determine the foundation for your growing website.

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